The quintessential Greek Island Experience

Through the ages, Greece has shared an enduring bond with the sea and the art of sailing. Picture a tapestry woven with over 2000 captivating islands and an expansive coastline beckoning exploration! Join us in embarking on a journey of a lifetime, navigating the azure waters aboard one of our meticulously inspected yachts, each vessel receiving our dedicated attention every year. Allow Kefalonia Luxury Yachts the privilege of orchestrating your personal odyssey, inviting you to experience the grandeur of this truly magnificent destination through a private yacht charter!

Greece extends a perpetual invitation for new charter adventures, boasting a charter-friendly climate spanning seven months, from April to October. While July and August bring mid-summer heat reaching the high 30s, they also coincide with the bustling European holiday season. During this peak time, marinas teem with activity, and the most sought-after charter yachts are reserved a year in advance. Be mindful of seasonal winds in certain areas, like the Cyclades, where the formidable Meltemi winds can be especially robust in July and August.

At Kefalonia Luxury Yachts, we craft personalized charter itineraries tailored to your preferences and the duration of your stay. With our frequent visits to Greece, we possess extensive local knowledge and connections to ensure your itinerary unfolds seamlessly.

Think of your captain and crew as more than just navigators – they become your local guides, adding a touch of fun to your onshore explorations! Uncover authentic local restaurants and indulge in specialized regional cuisine and entertainment, all expertly endorsed by your crew. Welcome to a Greek adventure designed just for you.

A holiday through history

Welcome to the breathtaking postcard capital of Greece! Imagine a landscape painted with stunning islands adorned in the classic blue and white architecture that graces postcards. Aboard our motor yachts, catamarans and sailing yachts, you’ll discover pristine white beaches kissed by the sun and surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters. But, a word of caution – in July and August, be ready for the whims of the strong meltemi winds that might just add a touch of wild charm to your island adventure.

Leisurely Sailing- The Tranquil Ionian Coastline and Islands

For those yearning for a sailing experience marked by calm waters, lush landscapes, and a touch of tradition, the Ionian coastline and islands offer the perfect retreat. Immerse yourself in the serenity of more predictable winds with our crewed luxury yacht charters, where every journey unfolds amidst a blend of timeless harbors and pristine beaches.


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