Kefalonia’s Secluded Gems and Instagram-Worthy Beaches

Embark on a luxury yacht charter to Kefalonia, where a myriad of Instagram-worthy beaches, accessible only by boat, await your discovery. This idyllic destination has long captivated those seeking a lavish escape in Greece. One such gem is the enchanting Myrtos Beach, nestled in the island’s north-west. Picture-perfect sands, embraced by towering limestone cliffs, meet turquoise waters so clear they embody utopia. While the summer sun draws crowds, the morning and late afternoon offer serene moments as the day-trippers depart, creating your own slice of paradise.

Embark on a cultural odyssey in the northeast of Kefalonia, where the Venetian coastal village of Fiskardo beckons with its untouched charm. Untouched by the tremors of the 1953 earthquake, Fiskardo exudes an irresistible Dolce Vita ambiance. Picture a waterfront adorned with chic boutiques, upscale seafood restaurants, and luxury yachts—reminiscent of Saint Tropez. It’s not just a destination; it’s an invitation to savor fine dining and the epitome of coastal sophistication.

And that’s not all Kefalonia has to offer. No visit is complete without exploring the world-renowned Melissani Cave, where an aquamarine lake resides within a mesmerizing cavern. The oculus in the roof orchestrates a celestial light show, a spectacle that must be witnessed to be truly appreciated.

Kefalonia, with its breathtaking beaches, medieval castles, and secluded coves, stands as a haven for those seeking a private yacht charter paradise. Start weaving your plans for the ultimate Greek adventure with family and friends by exploring the myriad Kefalonia Luxury yachts.

Nautical Elegance Meets Ancient Marvels

Embark on a seafaring journey to Kefalonia with a luxury yacht or crewed catamaran to unveil exclusive access to a rich history. Begin your exploration by docking at Fiscardo, the enchanting port town renowned for its traditional architecture, where pastel-colored buildings line the waterfront, creating a postcard-perfect scene against the backdrop of the Ionian Sea. Fiscardo retains its traditional character as it remains one of the few places on the island that survived the devastating earthquake of 1953, but its allure extends beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Also, don’t miss the Basilica at Fiscardo: During the Early Christian era, a notable basilica, seemingly dedicated to Saint Kerekas, was erected on a plateau that extended across the highest point of the Fournias peninsula, situated to the north of the present-day town. It featured three aisles, an external apse with a semi-circular design, a narthex, and flanking towers on either side of the narthex. The pedestal of a synthrone (cathedra) survives inside the sanctuary’s niche along with the stone pedestal of the high altar. The two towers, nearly square, are two-storied structures. The construction of this impressive temple seems to have served to establish Christian religious influence in a thriving Roman city, a practice commonly observed during that era.

While Fiscardo provides an excellent starting point, the allure of ancient Kefalonia extends to various other destinations waiting for you. Cruise along the coast to the port of Agia Euphemia to discover the Roman Villa at the center of the settlement in Pylaros. Noteworthy spaces include a central open-air area featuring a mosaic floor of white tesserae that also features a stone drain for rainwater collection. Flanking this central area are rooms with distinctive functions, each adorned with a mosaic floor displaying geometric patterns and a small ellipsoid-shaped bath pool at its shorter ends.

Whether aboard a sleek motor yacht or a crewed catamaran, we invite you to embark on a voyage that transcends the ordinary, with each wave becoming a whisper revealing the island’s best-kept secrets one ancient marvel at a time. Join us as we navigate the azure mysteries of Kefalonia, where luxury and natural beauty entwine, creating an unforgettable maritime experience.

Indulge in Kefalonia’s Culinary Delights

Sail into a gastronomic paradise as your luxury yacht navigates the crystal-clear waters of Kefalonia, unlocking exclusive access to delectable culinary treasures.

Drop anchor for Fiscardo’s famous taverns in the heart of the beautiful harbor of the village. Restaurants here serve local pies unique throughout Greece. Beyond the well-known meat pie featuring a delectable combination of beef, pork or goat meat, rice, and a robust phyllo pastry, an array of unique options awaits—octopus, cuttlefish, or cod pie made with dried salted cod. But the culinary offerings extend beyond pies, encompassing lobster pasta, seasonal stews, an array of fish, and tantalizing seafood, ensuring a gastronomic experience that captures the essence of Kefalonia’s culinary diversity.

Only ten minutes away, in Vasilikades village, you can find family taverns with beautiful courtyards serving famous appetizers such as “tsigarithia” (spinach and chards cooked with wild herbs, lots of garlic, and vinegar), artichokes stuffed with rice, fennel, and garlic, and the famous local “riganatha” the local equivalent to the Cretan “dakos.” Also, typical Greek dishes (moussaka, leek pie) and seasonal summer spit roasts.

Each stop along your yacht journey becomes an exploration of Kefalonia’s gastronomic treasures. In Assos, in front of the sea, under plane trees in the square of the picturesque village overlooking the Venetian Castle, you can delight in savory choices such as classic appetizers and delicious stews with meats from local family farms raising goats, pigs, and rabbits. Dishes include spit-roasted BBQ lamb and pork, “lagoto” (rabbit or chicken stew in red sauce, also known as “sofigatho” or “bianco” when made with white lemon sauce and lots of garlic), beef “procatho” (braised beef infused with cloves and garlic), and braised rooster.

Last but not least, the waters of Argostoli offer an enchanting blend of romance and breathtaking vistas, creating the perfect ambiance for an exquisite dining experience. The shoreside reveals a culinary heaven where you can savor the finest sea offerings— freshly caught fish and succulent shellfish, date mussel pasta, and local specialties. While the sun casts its warm glow over the tranquil waters, each bite is a sensory delight.

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