The Dodecanese

The Dodecanese

A unique mixture of ancient and modern history in a truly beautiful natural environment

The Dodecanese islands offer a unique mixture of ancient and modern history in a truly beautiful natural environment, perfect for a private sailing trip tailored to each individual’s personal taste.

Located on the southeastern edge of the Aegean near the coast of Asia, the Dodecanese is the bridge between Europe and the East comprising of twelve large islands (hence its name: ‘dodeca’ meaning twelve) The climate of the Dodecanese ranges from temperate to dry tropical, with lots of sunlight and an extended dry summer period.

Unveiling the Allure of the Dodecanese Islands

Nestled under the perpetual embrace of the Aegean sun, the Dodecanese Islands beckon with an enticing blend of tranquility and sophistication, steadily gaining acclaim among discerning travelers. Embark on a yacht charter in the Dodecanese, where the sun-soaked ambiance extends throughout the year, offering an exclusive passage to lesser-known islets tucked away from the beaten tourist trails.
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Beautiful Beaches, Plenty of History and Unique Charm

Quite predictably, the islands of the Dodecanese have crystal clear waters and offer visitors a huge choice choice of sandy or pebbly beaches. Waiting to be discovered are important archaeological finds, byzantine and medieval monuments as well as unique traditional settlements. Leros or Pserimos are quiter, unspoiled destinations for those seeking relaxation, but if you are in need of a more cosmopolitan holiday, Rhodes and Kos will surely fulfil your wildest fantasies with their hyper-active nightlife!

Living history in Rhodes

People from many different nations and cultures have passed through Dodecanese including the Ionians, the Dorians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Turks and the Italians!

Nowhere is this extended history more apparent than the island of Rhodes, an ideal blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, suitable to visitors seeking to relax as well as to those who desire action packed holidays. It has a rich history from the medieval ages, hence the wonderful enclave of Rhodes Old Town surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates, as well as the Palace of the Grand Master, the most awe- inspiring building on the whole island.

Apart from well-preserved castles, ancient monuments and remarkable buildings, visitors will also encounter sun-drenched bays, green valleys with running waters at the Rodini Park and other wonders of nature like the Seven Springs and the Valley of the Butterflies. Here you may bask on beautiful sandy beaches, play golf, go walking or cycling and of course party all night long. The only certain thing is that Rhodes will mesmerize all its visitors!


The emerald of Kos

On the edge of the Dodecanese, Kos is a feast of emotion, experience and excitement. Tall palm trees, endless sandy beaches, alternating landscapes and numerous archaeological sites and attractions left by ancient Greeks, Romans, mediaeval knights, Venetians and Ottomans make Kos more than just a pretty face.


Purity, tranquility, hospitality, beautiful beaches and hidden treasures: The ideal place for an offbeat holiday. It’s been dubbed “The Butterfly of the Aegean,” partly because of its peculiar shape and partly because of the beauty of the landscape. For those willing to travel off the beaten track, it’s love at first sight. Many stay forever devoted to this island of white light, with its crystal-clear water and hospitable residents.


It is obvious from the moment you cast your eyes on the gorgeous harbour that Halki is ready to reveal its genuine treasures to you. The absence of vehicles, the serenity which has settled over the entire island and the romantic atmosphere enthralls the visitor. Everything moves at a relaxed pace, set by the laid-back attitude of its locals. You will enjoy walks in the stone-paved alleys amongst stately homes and restored houses, colored with a painter’s full palette; dive into limpid waters; take time out with ouzo and backgammon and savour the traditional culinary fare.


Home of the famous sponge divers, this island is ideal for modern-day adventurers and aspiring rock climbers! The Kalymnian landscape is rocky, its majestic mountain slopes fragrant with thyme, sage and oregano – essential ingredients in the delicious honey for which the island is famous. Fertile valleys offer pleasing contrast, especially Vathi with its turquoise fiord and peaceful groves of citrus fruit. Picturesque landscapes for walking, clear blue seas for snorkeling or scuba-diving, rock faces of unique quality for climbing and a warm-hearted hospitality are just some of the pleasures that await the visitor.


Wild, untouched beauty, sculpted by winds, customs and centuries-old traditions! It holds on dearly to its past in its ancient acropolis, caves, churches and even its traditional dress. An island blessed with an abundance of streams, pine-tree forests, vineyards, olive groves, rocky caves (which are actually home to monachus monachus) and mountainous landscapes, Kárpathos is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and lovers of deep-rooted tradition.


Primeval landscapes of natural beauty, ancient history, living traditions and nobility in one of the last strongholds of the old, authentic Greece. In the words of a famous Greek poet and lyricist, Kasos island is “a kiss imparted by the foam-decked sea”. Rocky and unusual, it is a far cry from the standard mass tourism destination; a very special experience for any visitor. With houses of old-world charm in hamlets retaining their authenticity, pristine beaches and warm-hearted residents


At the easternmost end of Greece, a stone’s throw away from the Turkish coast. Its main settlement is filled with cheerfully painted houses of exceptional architecture, awe-inspiring churches and picturesque alleys. Taste the island’s traditional sweets Katoumári and Stráva, and sail to Galazio Spileo, the largest and most spectacular sea cave in Greece. Don’t forget to visit the nearby legendary island of Ro where the famous “Lady of Ro” Despina Achladioti used to raise the Greek flag every day.


This corner of the Aegean Sea, where song and rhythm, sun and sea co-exist harmoniously, was chosen by the goddess Artemis to build her throne. If you are looking to spend peaceful holidays in a pure, dreamy environment with pine trees, olive groves and low plains with freshwater streams, then Leros is your destination! Swim in azure seas, admire exquisite works of Italian architecture in the capital of the island, wander around centuries-old magnificent castles or go scuba diving to explore ship wrecks lying on the seabed since the Second World War


Unspoilt Aegean colour for peaceful holidays with a scent of authenticity and pristine nature that will enthrall you. A small speck of land surrounded by 24 islets, forming a glittering necklace, awaits you for a dreamy holiday. Enjoy swimming, diving and fishing in crystal clear waters of exceptional beauty. Wander along its alleyways, take in its sights, taste the local cuisine, live life the way locals do by participating in their celebrations which continue to cherish the values and customs of the island. A unique life experience is in store for you on a small island which radiates character and self-confidence.


Take the opportunity to visit an unspoiled destination formed by volcanic eruptions. It is rather impressive that today Nisyros is still an active volcanic center! One of the hidden treasures of the Aegean; the small, round island of Nisyros. Well off the beaten track, it has kept a retro atmosphere but in recent years more and more people, drawn to its natural phenomena, have discovered it has other charms as well.


The “island of the Apocalypse” or “Jerusalem of the Aegean” welcomes you! Pátmos is quite popular amongst pilgrims since in one of the island’s caves John the Theologian, one of Christ’s disciples, wrote the “Book of Revelations”. Small and secluded yet spectacular all the same.


The island of Hera and Pythagoras, more beaches than you can count and a famous wine to sweeten your evenings combine to create a unique setting. On this luxuriantly green island on the northeastern edge of the Aegean, covered by pine forests, olive and citrus groves and vineyards, myth and history take on a special allure. and of the great mathematician Pythagoras. On this island, you will see traces of their presence, as you discover Samos’ cool, clear waters, untouched mountain villages, delicious local foods and superb sweet wine.


With its sophisticated ambience and period architecture, Symi promises a different island experience on the edge of the Aegean, filled with old world glamour. What you may not know is that Symi ranks as one of the most popular summer destinations in the Mediterranean for those seeking a holiday with style, one that combines cosmopolitan flavor with old-world glamour, class and tradition. It’s an island rich with history and culture, with expensive yachts along the harbor and sailboats that make their way daily from nearby Turkey.


Tilos, a small and quiet island, mesmerizes the visitor with its original atmosphere and unspoilt nature. Various herbs and flowers grow on its mountainous, yet lush, elevations, hills and valleys with flowing springs, adding heady aromas to the air. A refuge for rare bird species, with abundant sea life, it constitutes an eco-park protected by international treaties. Free your senses, escape routine and enjoy the generosity of nature.