The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands

The exotic white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Ionian islands welcome you to paradise.

Ionian Islands is another wonderful Greek islands complex in Greece. Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxi (or Paxos) and Kythira are the seven largest and most popular islands of the group.

Excellent temperature climate, beautiful mountains, unique architecture of the capital towns, rich culture and history, venetian castles and churches, olive trees, pine forests and breathtaking beaches are some of the reasons you should visit these emerald exotic islands.

A Tapestry of Cultures and Adventures in the Enchanting Ionian Islands

Embark on a journey on our motor yachts, through the Ionian Islands, where the fusion of British and French influences paints each destination with a unique charm. Unlike their Aegean counterparts, these islands boast individuality in their traditions, architecture, and overall ambiance. Basking in the warm embrace of the Grecian sun just off the west coast of the mainland, the Ionian Islands have earned their reputation as a sought-after yacht charter haven.
Whether you crave adrenaline-fueled escapades or tranquil strolls through ancient, picturesque towns, these islands promise a plethora of opportunities for every visitor. Find inspiration in the lush, forested mountains, plunge into the iridescent depths of the sea, or ride the waves with windsurfing adventures along the pebbly coastline.

Exotic Beaches , Turqouoise Waters

The Ionian islands offer a natural greenery not seen in the other island groups of Greece along with a wealth of historical sites to satisfy the most demanding cultural traveller.

All of the Ionian Islands are splendid! Islands with castles and beautiful towns with fabulous buildings and museums with unique Venetian architecture. Olive groves and pine trees reaching the water and many scenic and beautiful coves for relaxing and swimming many only accessible by boat for an exclusive, private experience.



Corfu, the land of Phaeacians. It charms visitors with the Venetian style, its rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments and its crystal clear seas. Many beautiful beaches are found around the island. Isolated picturesque coves or large and crowded beaches with beach bars, tavernas, shops and watersports. If you swim in the Canal d’Amour, the myth says you’ll find your soul mate. A favourite destination for mariners, the Diapontia islands are ideal for diving and fishing.


Captain Corelli’s paradise lost: beautiful beaches, delightful ports, a national park and locals always ready for a laugh. The largest of the Ionian islands, with its sparkling azure waters, dazzling beaches and dark green mountains, has been a popular holiday spot for decades. The island was chosen for filming the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Endless private beaches and bays of exceptional beauty, such as Myrto and Makri Gialos. Fiscardo is the most cosmopolitan place with a port that receives many yachts every summer.


“Keep Ithaca always in your mind. Arriving there is what you are destined for” wrote the great Greek poet Constantinos Cavafy. Ithaca is a magical island, full of history and beautiful beaches. This peaceful island is formed by two large peninsulas connected by a narrow isthmus and dotted with huge cliffs, steep mountains and extensive olive grove. It is an island for lovers of reflection and tranquility, for travellers excited by discovery, and most of all… for those in search of their own private Ithaca.

Zakynthos / Zante

Zakynthos in Greek, or Zante in Italian; White beaches, sea turtles and partying around the clock make Zakynthos a favorite holiday destination. The Venetians called this island “The Flower of the East”. Have a swim at the wide sandy beaches in the company of sea turtles, go snorkeling or scuba diving between rocks and in underwater caves. Navagio, an undoubtedly postcard perfect beach of the Ionian Sea, and one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Europe.


Considered as the Caribbean of Greece, Lefkada Island amazes visitors with the exotic blue colour of its beaches. Glorious beaches, sophisticated capital and easy accessibility (the “island” is in fact linked to the Greek mainland via a small bridge). Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki have won international acclaim and are awarded annually with Blue Flags (symbolizing cleanliness and quality). Immerse yourself in Lefkada magical world.


Meganisi is a picturesque island of the Ionian sea, 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada and is the largest island of a complex (Skorpios, Thilia, Kythros and more), composing the administrative district of the Municipality of Meganissi (Taphion), called Tilevoides.

The traditional architecture, the hospitable residents, the quite life and the magnificent sceneries, create an ideal place for summer holidays. Aghios Ioannis, Spillia, Pasoumaki, Ambelakia, Atherinos, Faros, Limonari, Elia, Loutrolimni and Bereta are the most well known beaches of the island which along with Papanikolis and Giovani Caves are worthy of a visit.

Paxos Antipaxos

This is a place with intense cosmopolitan style due to the many yachts that moor in its ports in summer. The beaches are unparalleled: white sand or pebbles lapped by glittering water. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences to look forward to: the sunset from the white cliffs at Eremitis, exploring caves and hikes in search of historic cisterns. Paxoi is colors…blue and green… a paradise that marries graphic surrounds with nobility…These islands will remain etched in your memory forever.


Port Leone is an uninhabited village since 1953 at the S/E side of Kalamos which was deserted after the 1953 earthquake . The inhabitants decided to move to the mainland and not to rebuilt the village .They decided to built a church in the memory of their loss , which is visible from the entrance of the bay . Port leone is a nice different place to spend a quiet day or even a night away from lights and noises.

Port Kalamos is the main harbour of Kalamos island which is on the E side of the island opposite Kastos island


Port Kastos below the town of Kastos is the only harbor on the island and fills up rapidly during high season, when the charter business is in full swing. The harbor of Kastos offers good shelter in all except E and SE winds, which send in an uncomfortable swell. In summer, katabatic winds may be experienced from the high mountains of the neighbouring island of Kalamos.


Erikoussa is a tiny island of only five square kilometers, but it is a must-see. There are only a few small villages, of which Porto is the most important with its port. Despite that it is an oasis of calm and tranquility. Ask people who were there before and they will all tell you: Erikoussa is so relaxed! So do not expect busloads of people, busy traffic and the bustling atmosphere of a big city. Visitors go to this lovely island to find peace and serenity.That’s how it is on Erikoussa and the residents want to keep it that way.


The island of Othoni is located just over 10 miles off the northwest coast of Corfu and is one of the three small islets that are collectively the Diapontia Islands (or Faraway Islands). Administratively part of Corfu Othoni is the most western part of the whole of Greece and only 43 miles off the cape of Otranto, Italy.

Othoni is a stunning mountainous island abundant with olive trees, beautiful beaches and 13 small villages dispersed throughout the island that has hardly been touched by tourism.

The island has crystal clear waters great for snorkeling, sandy beaches and exotic caves, most of which can only be reached by boat. The largest of the 3 Diapondia islands, Othponi is possibly one of the most beautiful you can sail to whilst on yacht charter in the Ionian.


Parga, on the coast of Epirus, is an idyllic resort which combines mountain and sea. It is one of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan points of northwestern Greece, that challenges you to get a closer view of its long history and its natural beauty. Historical sightseeing and gold beaches with the crystal blue water. Enjoy the beaches in the tiny bays between Parga and Syvota. Here are just a few: Ai-Giannakis, Ai-Sostis, Kryoneri and Sarakiniko. Welcome to Parga, the town with the island feel.


Atokos is an uninhabited island in the centre of S.Ionian. Is the perfect place to spend some of your time or days away from noises and lights.One house bay at the east side of the island and cliff bay at the south side of the island offer something unique and special .