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The seas of myth, freedom and the big blue. The Aegean and the Ionian, Saronic, Sporades and Dodecanese. The epic centre of the Eastern Mediterranean, with 6,000 islands and islets. There are endless ways to get to know them: Motor Yacht, Catamaran, Sailing Yacht. Revitalising experiences, relaxation, authentic moments in traditional fishing ports, cosmopolitan Greek islands and unforgettable fun. From May until October the Greek seas are an open invitation for all! Every boat trip in the Aegean, Ionian, Argosaronic, Sporades or Dodecanese, is a trip to Greece’s ancient and modern history.


Kefalonia sit like jewels in the blue Ionian sea. Famed for their unique and varied scenery, excellent food and a rich history, a charter through this cluster of islands is truly special. Kefalonia, the largest of the islands, boasts picturesque coves, striking coastlines and impossibly clear waters. Choose to charter in the month of August and you will be treated to an immersive cultural experience, with a number of religious events and festivals to enjoy on the island.

A private yacht charter will take you to incredible beaches off the beaten track, beautiful scenes made famous in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, and towns steeped in history. With the freedom to design your own itinerary, boat hire in Kefalonia will let you explore the islands at your own pace.

Greek islands: great experiences, unforgetable memories

They are so close, so many, and yet so different from each other. The Greek islands offer endless experiences. Discover virgin beaches, hidden coves, sea caves, islets. Visit picturesque ports, volcanoes, marine parks, impressive capes, ancient cities, lighthouses. Enjoy the experience of sailing from island to island. Get to know these unique islands, with hospitable people, quaint villages, diverse nature and authentic flavours.
Play with dolphins and follow the trails of Caretta caretta turtles in the sand. Cook on board, organise a barbeque on an uninhabited islet. Celebrate your wedding, honeymoon or anniversary at sea. Dock at one of the many fully organised marinas, ports and secluded coves protected from the winds.
At night, walk along the harbours and in town, through the cobblestone streets, restaurants, chic boutiques and bars. Savour the flavours of fresh fish and seafood, paired with local wines. Become one with the multicultural crowd of people, dancing until dawn. Magical moments in the Greek seas.



Reasons for chartering in Greece


Every island, every village has a strong local character. Distances between islands are very short, so even for a brief cruise you can experience the excitement of constant change. Greece is a land of striking contrasts and they are reflected in the cruising area.


Brilliantly sunny, hot and dry April to October, but refreshed by winds which are moderate to strong. The meltemi, the north wind often blowing hard in midsummer, is not only a force to be handled carefully, with proper scheduling and right anchoring, but is also a blessing, because it cools the air and gives the Aegean stunning clarity and intensity.


Myth and history are always alive in Greece in the minds of people and in the landscape. Wherever you cruise, you will find legendary sites, ancient monuments, museums or towns worth visiting. This part of the world has been settled from earliest times onwards and the remains of the past civilizations are visible often in the most spectacular spots near the sea.


The key is taste and freshness. Eating Greek style meals is above all sampling a variety of small dishes (mezes) . It is a cuisine based on fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat, prepared with fresh herbs and spices. One of the great joys of your cruise will be lingering over drinks and arrays of mezes or sometimes visiting local markets and vineyards where you can discover wonderful regional wines.


Perhaps the greatest talent of the Greeks is living well, taking and giving pleasure at the slightest pretext. Enjoying everything, whether it is having a philosophical discussion over drinking ouzo at a seaside café, making a fiesta out of the simplest meal, or watching the sunrise after of dancing to the music.


Enhance Your Experience at Sea

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Our first concern is keeping you safe. Modern safety features are installed on our boats, and our crew members receive extensive training so they can respond coolly and competently to any emergency. You can unwind knowing that skilled experts committed to your welfare are handling everything from the minute you board.

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