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Concierge Services in Kefalonia and all Greece

Everything you might need while travelling or staying in Greece you can leave it to our people and our distinguished Concierge Service. Tailor made, rather than simply customized, our services are created upon your own individual needs and requirements.


Our highly sophisticated and fully professional people will be next to you 24/7, ready to provide their services on a great variety of fields. Suggesting and booking cultural events, arranging for fine dining and classy entertainment, planning trips and visits to places of your interest.


Enjoy our private Concierge Services on Board when travelling on our yachts. These include exclusive Chefs that will help you discover the Mediterranean gastronomy and experienced lifeguards that will keep you safe while enjoying the Aegean or Ionian waters.


We also provide excellent local guides, who will reveal to you the well-kept secrets of the islands and the surrounding sea and kids entertainers who will make sure that your children have the best of fun while sailing.



Enjoy the services of our professional concierge team, take advantage of their knowledge, skills and efficiency to make your visit to Greece a unique experience. Always full of class, entertainment and unrivalled sensations.

Kefalonia Shore Day Trips & Tours
Explore Kefalonia’s famous attractions and hidden gems!

Trust our experience to get around Kefalonia & Ithaka, safely and privately, according to your time plan and demands.

Luxury Vehicles – Helpful drivers – Confidentiality – Exclusively – Comfortable – Unique

Let your Tour through pebble roads and palm trees, by the sea be a private story …

With a variety of luxury cars, traveler vehicles and minibuses and a team of professional drivers, we are ready to meet any specific transfer and tour need. We know better than anyone every place, every street, every little secret of our island’s land. You may follow our proposals to explore or make your own route! Travelling is our passion and we know exactly how to make your day special and get the most out of your visiting in Kefalonia & Ithaka.Make us your partners in creating unique experiences. Such colorful places are waiting for you all around the island…
Explore Kefalonia & Ithaka through private tours & transfers.


What to See :

Most island tours include the cave Drogarati and the underground lake Melissani, the monastery of Ag (St.) Gerasimos, the picturesque Fiscardo and a view of the amazing Myrtos bay.
You should also try to visit the Venetian Castle of Kefalonia, nunnery of Ag (St.) Andreas,Robola wine factory, the plaque of Lord Byron with its wonderful view, as well as the perfectly built Kourkoumelata village which has been rebuilt almost as it was before the earthquake.
In Argostoli there is an archaeological museum as well as a folklore museum. Just outside Argostoli is Katavothres where the water disappears under the island, only to come out on the other side.

In the beautiful little village Assos you can visit a Venetian Citadel, and enjoy a nice meal in the tiny harbour. Assos is also called the Honeymoon village, since Charles and Diana made a stop here with their yacht when newly wed.

Lear Jet & Helicopter Charters
Lear Jet & Helicopter Charters

Fine services for fine customers. Luxury on air, safety of flight and punctuality on arrivals, these are the guaranteed qualities of our Learjet & Helicopter Charter services.

Fly with your family and friends in Kefalonia and to all magical destinations around Greece, enjoying our top-quality services in every aspect. Fly over the Aegean or the Ionian Sea to the picturesque islands under the shiny Mediterranean sun and the blue sky of Greece.

Arrive at your business destination safely and in time, making the best out of your flight either in terms of comfort or working space needs. We can provide Lear jets which are designed for luxury that goes along with a fully equipped and incorporating the latest technologies

We can make your trip unforgettable, taking care of your needs both on ground and on the air.

Luxury Villas and Hotels
Kefalonia Luxury Hotels & Villas!

The best locations in Kefalonia and all places in Greece, the finest designs of Kefalonia villas and hotels, high quality equipment for business or leisure, this is our recipe that will make your stay in Kefalonia and Greece unforgettable.

Whether by the sea or on the mountains, we have a variety of choices to fit your expectations. From the unparalleled islands of the Aegean, where the first European civilisation was formed to the majestic Ionian Islands of fine beaty and cultural charm, we offer the most prestigious and luxury places to stay, either villas or hotels.

Just choose your destination and let us suggest you where to stay. Luxury, comfort, 24/7 quality services, warm – yet discreet – hospitality, these are our commitments for your trip.

VIP Transfers & Chauffeur Services
VIP transfer and chauffeur services!

            We can arrange your transportation, transfer and chauffeur needs in Kefalonia, in Athens, in Mykonos and all over Greece through a wide fleet of best-in-class luxury cars, such as Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover, Jet Class Minivan, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes VITO and Mercedes Mini Bus.

You will enjoy high quality standards service, safety, comfort and elegance. Professional chauffeurs will treat you with an absolute respect with privacy , discretion and confidentially.

Yacht Agency

Yacht Services Agency!

Looking for a yacht agency in Kefalonia or any other place in Greece? In co-operation with our experienced and experts partners in Kefalonia and agencies all over Greece we can offer you  fast, efficient and professional yachting services in Kefalonia and beyond for all your cruising needs.

We offer you solutions for all your yachting requirements during your stay in Kefalonia and Greece, regardless of your port of entry and regardless of your itenary. We will be happy to assist you for the duration of your visit to Kefalonia and other Greek ports. Please check below some of the main services we can offer you in Kefalonia or elsewhere in Greece.

Berth Reservations

Securing a berth in Kefalonia and other ports of Greece. Especially in high season pre booking is very important. Kefalonia Luxury Yacht Charters and partners can guarantee that will guide your yacht in the right direction towards the best available berth.

Yacht Clearance & Formalities

Taking care of the necessary documentation and providing support for the duration of your stay is a vital service. Kefalonia Luxury Yachts Charters and partners handle all formalities involving arrivals, departures, harbour masters and customs in Kefalonia and other ports of Greece.

Shore Transfers & Tours

We can provide any transfer and tour service in Kefalonia, in Athens and other Greek destinations offering premium vehicles with experienced drivers and guides. We ensure your safety and ease while cruising. A wide selection
of vehicles, ranging from minivans to limousines, is available and private tours are designed with the assistance of professional guides –
all catered to your needs.

On Board Services

Kefalonia Luxury Yachts Charters and partners with a network of yacht service providers can offer you any type of service you need including beauty & fitness professionals, masseuses, personal shoppers, yoga instructors, event planners, dentists & doctors, interpreters etc.


Kefalonia Luxury Yachts Charters and partners have a well-established network of suppliers, and can make sure to provide the best products for your time in Kefalonia and Greece. There are few things we cannot deliver to make your yacht trip extra special.

On Board entertainment

We organize in Kefalonia and other ports parties on request, including music, decoration, entertainment, catering, fireworks displays or anything else you may require.


It is important for you to know the quality and quantity of the fuel and lubricants you order.
Kefalonia Luxury Yachts and partners can ensure both.
Fuel samples are provided to captains on request and, if required, we can provide an official fuel analysis as supplied by the state refinery. Our bunkering service, including Duty Free fuel to eligible vessels, operates throughout Greece, but please note that Duty Free fuel is not available on every island. Contact us for details.

Helicopter & Lear Jet Charters

Renting a private lear jet or helicopter is a fantastic way to save time, maintain privacy and explore off-the-beaten-track destinations. Our network of private aviation companies in Greece and the Mediterranean helps saving time and make easier your transportation

VIP Concierge Services

Kefalonia Luxury Yachts and partners with a network of yacht service providers can offer you any type of service you need including beauty & fitness professionals, masseuses, personal shoppers, yoga instructors, event planners, dentists & doctors, interpreters etc.

Hotel & Restaurant Reservations

We can propose and book finest restaurants and hotels in Kefaloniaand any other destination in Greece.to We are here to satisfy your wishes.

Luxury, comfort, 24/7 quality services, warm – yet discreet – hospitality, these are our commitments for your trip.

Security Services

We customize our services to your specific needs. Whether it is an executive driver or security service, the protection offered is reliable and effective.