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Kefalonia ports, Argostoli, Sami, Fiscardo ...

Kefalonia, with its breathtaking beaches, medieval castles, and secluded coves, stands as a heaven for those seeking a private yacht charter paradise.

Luxury Yacht Charters from Kefalonia, Ionian islands

Explore the Ionian islands!

Luxury Yacht Charters from Kefalonia. Embark on a luxury yacht charter to Kefalonia, where a myriad of Instagram-worthy beaches, accessible only by boat, await your discovery. This idyllic destination has long captivated those seeking a lavish escape in Greece. One such gem is the enchanting Myrtos Beach, nestled in the island’s north-west.

Luxury Motor Yachts and Catamarans in Kefalonia, Greece are available for charter and include a wide variety of our most popular fully crewed luxury motor yachts, luxury sailing yachts as well crewed catamarans and motor sailers  .

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Sailing holidays in Greece, from Kefalonia. Charter a Luxury yacht in Kefalonia and explore the Ionian islands.

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