The Cyclades

The Cyclades

Stunning coastlines, sandy beaches and the unique white and blue Cycladic architecture

Some of the most beautiful islands in the world are located in Cyclades. Amazing crystal waters, sandy beaches and a wonderful architecture of white houses, flowered gardens, traditional churches and chapels, offer an impressive style and atmosphere.

This amazing complex consists of around 220 islands, including some famous destinations such as the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Milos, Syros, Ios, Naxos, Sifnos, Amorgos, Koufonisia. In reality, every island is unique and has something different to offer.




The Enchanting Cyclades: Your Gateway to Grecian Charms in the Heart of the Aegean

Nestled in the center of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades archipelago is a testament to natural beauty and Greek allure. The very name “Cyclades” derives from the Greek word “kíklos,” meaning “circle,” as these islands form a captivating ring around the ancient Isle of Delos. Each year, more wanderers are drawn to the sun-kissed Cyclades, where every island boasts a unique character steeped in Grecian charm!
Embark on a luxury yacht charter for the ideal exploration of secluded anchorages, creating a haven for those seeking ultimate serenity. Remote, smaller islands promise unparalleled privacy, while the larger ones teem with opportunities for exciting activities. In the Cyclades, whether you’re yearning for tranquil retreats or thrilling adventures, there’s something to delight every visitor.

The Ultimate Greek Island Experience

Stunning coastlines, sandy beaches and the world renowned white and blue architecture make the Cyclades the most popular sailing area in Greece!

Millions of visitors from Greece and abroad come to the Cyclades every year to enjoy the crystal blue waters and dazzling sunlight. The islands of the Cyclades are a dream destination for many as the classic image of summer in Greece.

This island group lies southeast to mainland Greece, in the Aegean sea, and comprises beautiful islands with sandy beaches, traditional lifestyle, barren landscapes, olive groves, local cuisine, characteristic white and blue cubist houses and isolated little chapels. All these unique elements are a combination guaranteed to make your private sailing holiday in the area a lifetime experience!



The Cyclades are comprised of about 220 islands, of which 24 are considered major destinations including the well known islands of Amorgos, Ios, Naxos and Paros, the jet setting clubbing capital of Mykonos and the world famous volcanic island Santorini which is well known as a romantic getaway.

Full of geographical contrasts and landscapes of unique natural beauty, each island has its own distinct architectural features, always in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. Visitors will admire underground buildings, stone rustic huts, traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses or even neoclassic houses built by the aristocracy in the Cycladic capital of Hermoupolis, on the island of Syros.

Whether you wish for a cosmopolitan and glamorous touch or a relaxed and serene sailing holiday around islands of pristine beauty and exotic beaches, the Cyclades make an ideal place to start for first time visitors to Greece.


Cosmopolitan Mykonos

The world famous island of Mykonos is the ideal destination for those seeking something glamorous and prefer a stylish approach to their holidays. Mykonos combines it all. Celebrities, clubs and expensive restaurants with the traditional beauty of its town, built like a Cycladic maze, the local architecture and some off-track beaches which will reward the visitor with their crystal clear waters.


If partying is what you are after, Mykonos will live up to the expectations as a cosmopolitan, fabulous Mediterranean destination. The nearby island of Delos is of notable archaeological significance, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors flock to admire its ancient monuments and impressive mosaics.


Amazing Santorini

One of the most popular destinations is the crescent-shaped Santorini, or Thira, where Cousteau was said to be looking for the lost city of Atlantis.

Famous for one of the best sunsets in the world Santorini owes its unique morphology to the volcanic erruption which created the island’s 16 kilometres of multicoloured cliffs, soaring up over 300 metres from the caldera, the vast crater left by the erruption.

White traditional houses line the cliff tops overlooking the terraced rock. The island attracts visitors who will enjoy fine dining and sampling of local wines gazing at the breathtaking sunsets. This cosmopolitan island combines vibrant nightlife with beautiful beaches of volcanic sand.


Amorgos is one of the most impressive Cycladic islands, boasting marvelous beaches with azure waters and gorgeous caves which ideal for diving. Step off the usual track and visit an island that has preserved its traditional color, where the locals welcome you with a smile on their face and make you feel like home.


Picturesque streets, fragrant gardens, unforgettable sunsets, describe Andros best. This island has a way to fascinate its visitors, without a doubt still retains its rich cultural tradition, offering the opportunity to visit several museums and foundations.Andros has a long and proud seafaring tradition. Every summer, it hosts numerous events that attract thousands of visitors.


Wandering through the hospitable waters of the Aegean Sea, the compass of your instinct shall lead you to Antiparos. Not so long ago, was a sleepy tranquil island known mainly for its impressive cave. Nowadays enjoys a cosmopolitan nightlife scene that rivals Paros, its nearby neighbour. Antiparos offering dives at beautiful sites, such as an underwater cave, a ship wreck and more.


Delos, The Apollonian light. The summer sun reflecting off the marble and baked stones may be blinding, but for the Ancient Greeks it also symbolized the light of inquiry and harmony. It’s a chance to walk around the revival of the glory of the Greek civilization. It’s the head priest of the Cyclades, the birthplace of the immortals. It is not an educational trip, it is an embarkation to a lifetime experience.


If you want to get away from it all, Donoussa is the ideal choice for you. According to the mythology Dionysus offered Ariadni a hiding place in Donoussa so that Thesseus could not find her. Explore with the yacht: Magnificent caves like “spilia Tichon” with its beautiful stalactite formation and Indulge yourself in a variety of culinary delights.


An untouched piece of the Greece with a relaxing atmosphere, hospitality and nice beaches. Close to Santorini, it is a small island with 650 inhabitants, has become fashionable, but is still an untouched piece of Greece.
Folegandros has beautiful beaches and easy to reach the with a yacht. Walking through this island is a joy as the nature and its perfumes, and its silence are really unique


Ios Island in Greece is a famous tourist destination, attracting visitors with its golden beaches and the characteristic Aegean architecture. It is a hilly island with cliffs down to the sea on most sides. Ios is well known as the party island with the lively atmosphere and the endless fun. It is also well known for its beautiful beaches, its charming traditional village (Chora) and its relaxed and easy going life style.


Beautiful beaches, windmills, cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and a picturesque town. This is Kythnos or otherwise Thermia (due to the hot springs in the bay of the Baths, where there is the Spa) .The elements that make Kythnos so beautiful are: the 65 sandy beaches with crystal waters (Kolona is one of the best beaches in Cyclades), and the traditional villages with smiley local people. A well-hidden paradise is waiting you to be revealed!


Get to know the most exotic island in the Aegean. The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed Milos with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes. Known as “The Island of Lovers” because it is the discovery site of the famous statue Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek Goddess of Beauty. The nightlife is mainly for those who prefer a relaxing night gazing at the sea. Welcome to the exotic island of Aphrodite.


Naxos Island is the largest island in Cyclades and it is one of the most beautiful among the Greek Islands. Long beaches,mediaeval towers, lush valleys and high mountains. Outstanding local products make it an unsung gastronome’s treasure trove. The best beaches in Naxos are mostly gathered on its western side. Some of the best beaches are Agios Procopius, Orkos, and Mikri Vigla. This little city island with endless stretches of sandy beaches, fertile valleys and mountain villages offers so much to see


Paros unrivalled natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear water, Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes, make Paros one of the best loved holiday destinations in Greece. Extra Tip: Do not miss the opportunity to visit the small islet of Antiparos, lying Southwest of Paros, which can be reached from Pounda or Parikia.


In the infinite charm of the Aegean Sea, Serifos the “iron island” of the Cyclades stands out, in its unique way and beauty, enchanting the visitors at first sight. Untamed beauty that changes with the light. Blue or green, shallow or deep waters, sand or pebbles, shaded or not, blessed by a chapel or outfitted with a taverna. There are numerous amazing, exotic coves, underwater caves, tiny islets and crystal clear waters waiting for you to investigate them!


Sifnos, whitewashed houses with traditional chimneys made of Potter’s clay and small churches with blue domes, built on green hills, which lead to sandy beaches. The germ of Cyclades. Sifnos is not known only for its natural beauty but also for its pottery art and gastronomy. Nowadays many young people are into pottery, keeping this century’s old tradition alive.


Schinoussa is a tiny island lost among the Cyclades, a haven for your not so run-of-the-mill uncompromising travelers who seek contact with nature and themselves. Characterized by an uncluttered landscape of plain beauty where stone and sea blue dominate. Fifteen unique beaches with crystalline waters, rounded hills and a mild summer climate even in winter compose the inimitable picture of the island.


Syros is found in the center of Cyclades. From the hill of Ano Syra the visitor can see all these islands and immediately will understand why Syros developed into the administrative, commercial, intellectual and cultural center of Cyclades. The combination of natural beauty and the hospitality of her residents is unique and it will make your vacations unforgettable.


Tinos attracting a large number of tourists, not only because of its grandiose church but also thanks to its diverse landscapes, wonderful beaches, historic moments and natural beauty. The island is considered center of culture, with sculpture and painting being developed and used even as part of the architecture. Tinos is ideal for relaxing family holidays